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Advice for current or future adjustable gastric band users

You have decided to take advantage of the gastric band and you have made the right choice: the choice to take back control of your life. By refusing to give obesity power over your life, you take back control of the situation.

The gastric band will allow you to limit the amount of food you eat and to lose weight regularly so that you can finally turn the page on your past as an obese person. However, it is important to understand that the band is not a magic wand and it does not act by itself: your weight loss will depend on your determination to follow a few golden rules in your new life.

The early period with the band will be difficult, both physically and psychologically, and you will have to get used to life with the band:

  • Re-learning to eat small portions of healthy, quality food
  • Starting to do physical activity again, moderately during the first weeks, to burn calories and to get your energy back;
  • Scrupulously complying with your multidisciplinary program: the specialists that make up your team are at your side to make sure that you are losing weight correctly and have no deficiencies, to support you psychologically and also to help you accept the new person that you are going to become.

Complying with these essential rules will put you in the best position to start your weight loss process and set you up to meet your weight-loss goal.