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Dietary advice after implantation of an intragastric balloon

First week

Eat mainly liquid or pureed food until the stomach gets used to the balloon

  • Clear broth (without vegetables or meat)
  • Light yogurts
  • Jelly, pureed fruits.


Second week

Same as the first week, while starting to reintroduce solid food in small amounts


From the third week on

Foods can be reintroduced “normally” while complying with the advice of the nutritionist in order to start changing your eating habits. 

Here is some advice that can help when choosing what to eat on a daily basis, but this in no way replaces your doctor’s recommendations.

Bread and whole-grains:

1 to 2 slices of whole-wheat bread as well as a portion of cereal.


Meat, fish and eggs:

60 to 100 grams per day cooked without or with very little fat.


Fruit and vegetables:

2 to 3 vegetables per day and 1 to 2 fruits.


Dairy products:

Up to 500 ml of dairy products per day in the form of skim milk or light yogurt.

One small portion of cheese per day.



Drink as much as you like each day, but not during meals.

Drink only water, tea or coffee as well as any low-calorie drinks.