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HELETECH MIVT, the sub-urethral mini-tape

For the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women

Convinced of the need to improve the daily lives of patients with stress urinary incontinence, Helioscopie offers specialists an 11 x 1.2 cm synthetic mini-tape made of propylene monofilament (a material that is perfectly tolerated by the human body).
Using a minimally-invasive technique, this tape is inserted without being tightened to support the urethra and effectively compensate for the defective pelvic floor.
No fixation is necessary and a half an hour is enough time to perform this procedure, which is carried out under local or regional anesthesia.
The combination of this minimally-invasive technique and the MIVT mini-tape makes it possible to reduce pain and avoid scarring.


Efficacy : Restoration of continence in more than 97% of patients (1)
Tolerance : Reduction in post-operative nerve pain. Reduced operative risk with simple follow-up for 99% of patients (1)
(1) Study of the efficacy and tolerance of the MIVT technique on 110 patients presenting type II or II+ SUI. Analysis carried out from the patient follow-up register of the Gynaecology Department at the Clinic 
of Essonne (Evry, France) between June 2006 and January 2009.