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Heliosphere BAG PRE OP

Heliosphere BAG PRE-OP intragastric balloon

Heliosphere BAG PRE OP is a non-surgical temporary intragastric balloon system used to pre-operatively treat morbid obesity with an implantation duration of 6 months.

The volume of the Heliosphere BAG balloon is 550 cm3 (10 cm in diameter). The lightness of the air-filled Heliosphere balloon limits nausea and vomiting (less than 30 grams).



The effect of the intragastric balloon

Pre-operative use in patients with morbid obesity in order to reduce the risks of anesthesia and surgery by partially reducing weight.


Clinical results

Reduction in Body Mass Index to less than 50, for the majority of patients (1).

Reduction in surgical risks due to pre-operative partial weight loss.

A study has observed a direct relationship between surgical risk and the initial Body Mass Index of patients. The reduction in BMI before by-pass thus reduces the risk of medical complications or early mortality.


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