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Buy-out of the Helioscopie company by the Santé Actions group

On October 26, 2010, Helioscopie, an expert company in medical implants in the obesity field located in Vienne, France (38), came under new direction. The Santé Actions group took control of the company. Dr. Sauveur Ferrara will hold the office of President.

Dr. Ferrara, the President and founder of the Santé Actions group, a company specialized in health and medico-social care, is thus expanding its development potential in the field of biotechnology.
By joining the Santé Actions group, Helioscopie now has the means to meet its objectives. Rich in many patents and strong from its technological advances, both in gastric bands and intragastric balloons, from now on, Helioscopie will position itself as a major player in medical implants internationally. 

That is the ambition of the new President, who would like innovation and international development to become priority orientations. The strength of his group and the skills of the men in it are now the guarantors of this.