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Our non-surgical treatments

The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight-loss method.

The concept is simple: create volume in the stomach in order to rapidly induce a feeling of fullness. Therefore, thanks to the balloon, the patient eats less and loses weight without frustration.

The advantages of the intragastric balloon

With a completely innovative design, the air-filled Heliosphere intragastric balloon is an alternative for people who do not want or cannot have obesity surgery. Its major advantage is how light it is. It ensures the best comfort for the patient and considerably reduces post-implantation nausea and vomiting. 


The procedure

The intragastric balloon is implanted by a gastroenterologist through the body’s natural openings under endoscopic monitoring.

The folded balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth then filled up with air by the practitioner. It is generally an out-patient procedure that lasts 30 minutes.

After 6 months in the stomach, the balloon is withdrawn under the same conditions as those used for implantation with the help of the Heliosphere BAG EXTRACT extraction kit provided with the balloon.

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