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Pre-implant preparation

This preparation phase is absolutely necessary and requires a real commitment on your part.

For several months, you will be meeting with different professionals and members of a multidisciplinary team (surgeon, medical nutritionist, dietitian, psychiatrist or psychologist, anesthesiologist, etc.) who will give you information and examine you.

They will also prescribe you various examinations (blood samples, esogastroduodenal endoscopy and, if necessary, X-rays, evaluation of respiratory and cardiac function, pregnancy test or an oro-dental examination). The purpose of this is to carry out:

Un bilan complet de l’obésité et de votre état de santé afin de traiter, si ce n’est déjà fait, les affections dont vous souffrez (carences nutritionnelles ou vitaminiques, diabète, hypertension artérielle, hypercholestérolémie, troubles cardiaques, syndrome d’apnées du sommeil ou autres troubles respiratoires, troubles articulaires, etc.) ;

  • A complete assessment of your obesity and physical condition in order to treat any disorders that you may have, if they haven’t already been treated (nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiac disorders, sleep apnea syndrome or other respiratory disorders, joint disorders, etc.)
  • A psychological evaluation in order to offer you psychotherapeutic treatment if necessary
  • An assessment of your physical activity and eating habits
  • Information about pregnancy and contraception for women of child-bearing age.

During this preparation phase, it is useful to meet patients who have already had the surgery.

Source: Obesity surgery, French National Authority for Health